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Ro Raha Hai Dil Tv One

Ro Raha Hai Dil Episode 16

Editor Feb 28

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Ro Raha Hai Dil #RoRahaHaiDil #JunaidKhan #TVOneDrama Junaid Khan, Sonia Mishal, Asad Siddiqi, Mariam Ansari, Atiqa Odho, Usman Peerzada Laila Wasti, //goo.gl/Zx6e61 Zoya is an angry young woman who hates her father Dawood Shah because she blames him for her mother`s death. Her anger even makes her reject her loving fiancee ahad’s efforts to make her Happy when the handsome and suave Humayun enters her life, Zoya falls in love with him. but Ahad feels that Humayun is a Selfish, Ruthless Man who will Harm Zoya. Is Ahad right about Humayun? Will he be able to save Zoya? #RoRahaHaiDil #TVOneDrama, #TvOnePk #JunaidKhan #SoniaMishal #AsadSiddiqi #MariamAnsari #TVOneOST //www.tvonepk.tv/ //YouTube.com/TvOnePK //www.facebook.com/TvOnePK //www.Instagram.com/TvOnePK. You can freely watch and download Episode 16 in HD Online. Watch & Download the latest episodes of Ro Raha Hai Dil only on PakistaniDramas.com.pk. Watch online full Episode 16 of Ro Raha Hai Dil 10 December 2018. PakistaniDramas.com.pk only provide latest episodes of Ro Raha Hai Dil to its users and doesn’t own any of the license/copyright. Broadcaster Tv One owns and reserves all copyright of Ro Raha Hai Dil. Ro Raha Hai Dil is produced by Seema Taher Khan and this master piece is written and directed by unknown writer and unknown director respectively. Tv One on-aired Episode 16 of Ro Raha Hai Dil on 10 December 2018. Program Ro Raha Hai Dil is published by Tv One which is Pakistan’s one of the biggest entertainment platforms.


“unknown director”

“unknown writer”

“Seema Taher Khan”

“Ro Raha Hai Dil is a Pakistani Program telecast by Tv One. Tv One is one of the largest entertainment provider platforms in Pakistan.”

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