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Geo Kahani Maryam

Maryam Episode 30

Editor Feb 28

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‘Maryam’ is about a young woman (Mawra) who is innocent, fun-loving and bubbly by character she liked Amaan (Faysal Qureshi). Maryam puts forward the proposal of marrying Faisal Qureshi and they happily get married and Maryam lives a life of bliss. The couple had good understanding and trust for each other. Amaan is a man of great ideals who wants to give rightful place to all relations in his life. He lived with his step mother and step brother who always plotted wicked conspiracies against him but he in return Amaan gave them pure love and respect. On the other hand, Alyy Khan (Maryam’s cousin) always wanted to marry her but he wasn’t her type so he makes a devilish plan of kidnapping Maryam for a day….. And then sends her back. This incident brought great turmoil in Amaan and Maryam’s married life.. Maryam gets pregnant, would Amaan believe that this is his kid? Will Amaan trust Maryam of her innocence although he always showed blind trust towards her or would this incident pull them apart from each other? Faysal Qureshi, Mawra, Alyy Khan, Uzma Gilani, Kamran Jilani. You can freely watch and download Episode 30 in HD Online. Watch & Download the latest episodes of Maryam only on PakistaniDramas.com.pk. Watch online full Episode 30 of Maryam 21 July 2019. PakistaniDramas.com.pk only provide latest episodes of Maryam to its users and doesn’t own any of the license/copyright. Broadcaster Geo Kahani owns and reserves all copyright of Maryam. Maryam includes various artists including Alyy Khan, Faysal Qureshi, Mawra, Uzma Gilani, Kamran Jilani. Program Maryam is published by Geo Kahani which is Pakistan’s one of the biggest entertainment platforms. Episode 30 of Maryam was published by Geo Kahani on 21 July 2019. It is written by unknown writer, produced by Syed Ali Raza Usama and directed by unknown director.

“The cast of Maryam consists of well famous actors and actresses which includes Kamran Jilani, Alyy Khan, Faysal Qureshi, Mawra, Uzma Gilani.”

“unknown director”

“unknown writer”

“Syed Ali Raza Usama”

“Program Maryam is published by Geo Kahani which is Pakistan’s one of the biggest entertainment platforms.”

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