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A Plus Khidmat Guzar

Khidmat Guzar Episode 17

Editor Mar 02

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This is a story depicting one of the harsh realities of our society. Mukhtiar a nine year old kid is employed at Rana Hashmatuallah’s house. Rana considers him a loyal servant but in return he envies and develops hatred inside his heart for not being blessed with the luxuries that his owner has. How much damage and pain can this hate inflict? Will he be the successor of Rana and marry his beautiful daughter Dua? Azfer Rehman,Shazad Nawaz,Noor khan, Eshal Fayyaz,Ali Josh,Hammad Shoaib,Munazza Arif. Khidmat Guzar starring a lot of different actors and actresses including Azfer Rehman, noor Khan, shazad Nawaz, hammad Shoaib, ali Josh, Eshal Fayyaz, munazza Arif You can freely watch and download Episode 17 in HD Online. Watch & Download the latest episodes of Khidmat Guzar only on PakistaniDramas.com.pk. Watch online full Episode 17 of Khidmat Guzar 15 February 2018. PakistaniDramas.com.pk only provide latest episodes of Khidmat Guzar to its users and doesn’t own any of the license/copyright. Broadcaster A Plus owns and reserves all copyright of Khidmat Guzar. A Plus brings you Khidmat Guzar, a program which provides full and all in one entertainment package. Episode 17 of Khidmat Guzar was published by A Plus on 15 February 2018. It is written by Afifa Mohammad, produced by Faheem Burney and directed by Faheem Burney.

“Khidmat Guzar starring a lot of different actors and actresses including hammad Shoaib, Eshal Fayyaz, ali Josh, Azfer Rehman, shazad Nawaz, munazza Arif, noor Khan”

“Faheem Burney”

“Afifa Mohammad”

“Faheem Burney”

“Khidmat Guzar is a Pakistani Program telecast by A Plus. A Plus is one of the largest entertainment provider platforms in Pakistan.”

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