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A Plus Ishq Ya Rabba

Ishq Ya Rabba Episode 23

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This story revolves around three families who are neighbors to each other.  Parsa and Wajdan are neighbors and in love with each other. Wajdan lives with her mother who is a businesswoman along with his khala and her two daughters with Azra being the antagonist. Parsa lives with her parents along with her sister. However Parsa’s family are not in favour of getting their daughter married outside of their tribe (baradari).  They reject Wajdan initially but Parsa’s father Shahjee agrees finally as Parsa threatens them with suicide. Parsa and Wajdan do get married but face a lot challenges as Parsa’s family disowns her and Azra and her mother create problems for the new couple. Will this union stand the test of time? Only time will tell. Bilal Qureshi, Srha Asghar, Fatima Kasuri , Kainat Chauhan, Ash Khan, Farah Nadeem, Sohail Hashmi, Sabiha Hashmi, Jahanzeb Gurchani, Amber Khan, Shan Baig. Episode 23 of Ishq Ya Rabba was published by A Plus on 25 July 2018. It is written by Mubarak Kamlani, produced by 09th Degree Entertainment and directed by Ali Sheeraz. A Plus brings you Ishq Ya Rabba, a program which provides full and all in one entertainment package. Program star cast includes famous celebrities such as Ash Khan, Srha Asghar, Bilal Qureshi, Kainat Chauhan, Sabiha Hashmi, Shan Baig, Amber Khan, Jahanzeb Gurchani, Fatima Kasuri , Sohail Hashmi, Farah Nadeem. You can freely watch and download Episode 23 in HD Online. Watch & Download the latest episodes of Ishq Ya Rabba only on PakistaniDramas.com.pk. Watch online full Episode 23 of Ishq Ya Rabba 25 July 2018. PakistaniDramas.com.pk only provide latest episodes of Ishq Ya Rabba to its users and doesn’t own any of the license/copyright. Broadcaster A Plus owns and reserves all copyright of Ishq Ya Rabba.

“Ishq Ya Rabba starring a lot of different actors and actresses including Amber Khan, Farah Nadeem, Shan Baig, Bilal Qureshi, Jahanzeb Gurchani, Sohail Hashmi, Srha Asghar, Fatima Kasuri , Ash Khan, Kainat Chauhan, Sabiha Hashmi”

“Ali Sheeraz”

“Mubarak Kamlani”

“09th Degree Entertainment”

“Program Ishq Ya Rabba is published by A Plus which is Pakistan’s one of the biggest entertainment platforms.”

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