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A Plus Deedan

Deedan Episode 7

Editor Mar 02

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This unique story revolves around the struggle of two girls, they tries to get rid of the tradition where girls are treated like a commodity. Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Tipu Sharif, Ajab Gul, Rasheed Naz, Laila Zuberi, Huma Nawab, Minsa Malik, Sarfraz Asharaf, Tariq Jamal, Ishrat Abbas, Jamal Afridi. Program star cast includes famous celebrities such as Minsa Malik, Rasheed Naz, Mohib Mirza, Jamal Afridi, Tariq Jamal, Sarfraz Asharaf, Tipu Sharif, Laila Zuberi, Huma Nawab, Ajab Gul, Ishrat Abbas, Sanam Saeed. You can freely watch and download Episode 7 in HD Online. Watch & Download the latest episodes of Deedan only on PakistaniDramas.com.pk. Watch online full Episode 7 of Deedan 24 November 2018. PakistaniDramas.com.pk only provide latest episodes of Deedan to its users and doesn’t own any of the license/copyright. Broadcaster A Plus owns and reserves all copyright of Deedan. Deedan is a Pakistani Program telecast by A Plus. A Plus is one of the largest entertainment provider platforms in Pakistan. Episode 7 of Deedan was published by A Plus on 24 November 2018. It is written by Atiya Dawood, produced by 09th Degree Entertainment and directed by Amin Iqbal.

“The cast of Deedan consists of well famous actors and actresses which includes Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Tariq Jamal, Minsa Malik, Sarfraz Asharaf, Ishrat Abbas, Tipu Sharif, Rasheed Naz, Jamal Afridi, Laila Zuberi, Huma Nawab, Ajab Gul.”

“Amin Iqbal”

“Atiya Dawood”

“09th Degree Entertainment”

“Program Deedan is published by A Plus which is Pakistan’s one of the biggest entertainment platforms.”

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